Volunteers Needed For OPEN HOUSE At The Hammargren Home Of Nevada History

PA283701Every year, on the Sunday of Nevada Day Weekend, Dr. Lonnie Hammargren holds an open house. Four to five thousand people usually show up. This Year it’s SUNDAY NOVEMBER 2 from 1 to 5pm.

Why do so many people make it a point to see it? Because it’s the singularly most unique home in all of Las Vegas. It contains the most eccentric and largest private collections of historic memorabilia in all of Nevada, if not the nation. Dr. Lonnie infuses it all with his unique wit and whimsy. If you’ve never been there, then you must. If you’ve been there before, you probably missed seeing half of it, and need to go again.

Lh dinosaurA crowd that large will require some volunteers, and we’ve been supplying them from the historic preservation clubs and organizations. Helping out won’t require any special knowledge, as mostly we’ll be directing the flow of pedestrian traffic in the house, watching for sticky fingers etc. Anyone can do it. You’ll get a name tag, won’t have to stand in line, won’t have to make the $5.00 entry donation (though you can donate anyway).

Since I’m coordinating the volunteers this year, I’m opening it up to my readers. YOU MUST PUT YOUR NAME ON THE LIST BY EMAILING ME at Jack@UncleJack.com

To be a volunteer, you have to come to a meeting at 1pm on Saturday November 1st, and you have to show up at noon on Sunday November 2. Our goal is to have each volunteer work for about 2 hours and have 2 hours to roam around for yourself.

We’ll need at least 40 all together.  If you’d like to help, then please email me with your names and contact information.