Film Challenge Participant Seeks Our Help

Joshua might need a turn of the century looking living room/parlor etc for a movie. I’ve offered up any number of Mid Mod sets that could work if he wants to change the era, but if there is someone with great antiques etc, then maybe we can help. If you can, contact him directly, since it’s such short notice.



Hi Jack,


I’m a fledgling filmmaker producing a short this weekend for the National Film Challenge ( We’ll be given an assignment tonight (genre, character name, prop & a line of dialogue). We’ll then have about 3 days to write, shoot, edit and score a 4-7 minute film. Since we don’t know what we’re going to shoot, we over-prepare with more actors, props and locations than we’ll need.


One of the categories we could draw is Historical Fiction. I have a drama in mind that takes place in 1896. If we pull that category, we’d like to be able to find a location to shoot in on short notice. I’m wondering if you’re familiar with any historical homes that might work as a turn-of-the-century set. If we’d be able to shoot there, we could get the owner a special thanks in the credits, along with a copy of the film on DVD.


Any suggestions would be fantastic.


Thanks for your help.



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