All Dressed Up And Someplace To Go – The Executive Lounge

IMG_8695MaryJoy and I got dressed up for a very exclusive “invitation only” Executive Lounge event. It’s a weekly social/business gathering at Lavo in the Palazzo. Jimmy Foster, the ceo of Whispering Giants and one of our downtown neighbors was gracious enough to invite us, and we thank him.

I put on my best “rat pack” and MaryJOY was dressed to the nines as usual. I was shocked that I was the only one in the room in a fedora. I do things like that because it’s one of the many ways that I tell the story of Vintage Vegas to the multitudes of suburbanites who have no idea that anything as charming, unique, historic, or fun as Vintage Vegas even exists.

One nice thing about standing out in a crowd is that people notice you, and actually start the conversation. It’s lots of fun unless you’re inherently shy. Shy is one thing that neither MaryJOY and I am not.  It’s really fun to tell someone the story and see the blank stare fade away as awareness sets in. Then you can see the light bulb turn on, and the say things such as “I had no idea” and my friend lives in an historic neighborhood in …” or what I like to hear best which is “They told me such a place didn’t exist in Las Vegas, and when I buy, I’m definately checking it out”.