The Southern Nevada Arts Center At Neonopolis Is Part of The Southern Nevada Museum Of Fine Art

IMG_8956 -2We got all dressed up again Tuesday for The Executive Lounge mixer at the Palazzo, but from there…

We attended the SinCityQSocial which was held at Neonopolis. Neonopolis is now the home of the Southern Nevada Museum Of Fine Art as well as the new artist workshop and gallery spaces called the Southern Nevada Arts Center.

Several of our artist friends have moved over including Leslie Rowland and Architect Steven Jackson.

We made a whole lot of new friends and I want to encourage you to make an effort to stop in and see these important additions to the Urban Art Scene. It’s all for sale, and make great gifts for yourself or someone you love.


IMG_8941Denise Duarte has been my friend for many years, and somehow her amazing ceramic artistry has never made it onto the pages of VeryVintageVegas. It’s about time, and since her gallery is now front and center at the SNAC, she’s easy to find, and you’ll love what she does.

18 B The Arts Distric by Denise Duarte of D'arte Design






IMG_8947Our new friend Frenchy is hilarious. The accent is delightful. Most of what you see in the background are actually done one dot at a time. She’s in gallery #6.









James Donohue’s abstracts were lots of fun.










Susanne Katharina Freitag paints the wide range of humanity and makes the case that we’re all really the same.






Southern Nevada Museum Of Fine Art fundraiser0001You are invited to the 2nd Annual Holiday Season fundraiser for the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art on Saturday Dec. 6th, 5 to 8 pm. RSVP by phone at 382–2926