Frozen Brains, Frozen Fingers, and An Icy Cold Heart

I’ve been phoning it in for the last few days. It’s partly just “catch my breath laziness” and it turns out the cold weather causes me chest pains and headaches when I’m out in the cold. They go away, and the doctor says it’s normal as long as they do go away after a few minutes. So far so good. It’s always something!

There’s a whole slew of things that need to be written about, and I’ve a feeling I can get back to typing and editing and photoshopping soon enough. My fingers are starting to thaw out, and if I can get the brain warmed up enough to be creative and funny again, I’ll be back on my usual schedule. Then again, it snowed at my house downtown for about 30 seconds this afternoon, so who knows?

Maybe tomorrow.

In the meanwhile….don’t forget:

The VeryVintageVegas meet and greet at Frankie’s Tiki Lounge on Thursday December 18, 6–8pm

The whole gang that helps me –  do this blog and sell real estate, and preserve buildings, and lobby officials, and promote neighborhoods and modernism and stay sane – will all be there. We’d like to meet you, or to see you again. It’s just for fun, and to give everyone an extra excuse to check out our new Tiki Room. We hope you’ll stop by.

1712 W. Charleston at Shadow Lane (just east of UMC) 6–8 PM THIS THURSDAY December 18.