Pool Boarding – A New Vintage Las Vegas Sport

Just what we didn’t need. Another new twist in the topsy turvey thrill ride of foreclosure mess that we’re in.

IMG_9332I stumbled onto a whole group of ADULTS in the back yard of a foreclosure. Two more arrived while I was still there. Truth be told, if I knew how to ride a skateboard, I’d have joined in the fun.

I did question them at length, and found out that they had actually emptied about 3 feet of standing water, so in their minds, they’re doing a public service. This entire group was from the suburbs. They text the location around to their friends whenever they discover a new pool with an interesting shape and design. They have about a dozen favorites and they’re all in Vintage Vegas.

I asked why they came in from the suburbs, and they told me that all the pools in the newer neighborhoods were too small, too square, too shallow and that there’s a 2 story house overlooking the backyard of every suburban pool they had scouted. That sounds like a whole new generation of fans of Vintage Vegas, that is… if they don’t kill themselves before they become first time homebuyers.  

This is the very first movie I EVER filmed. I always knew it was a function on my camera, but I’d never tried it before. It’s the 2nd time I uploaded anything onto YouTube. I’m going to start doing it more often now that I know how.