Mini Homes

I guess if we can swing from liar loans to hard to get a loan, then we can swing from McMansion to McMini. Vegas Lee sent this in, and I realized that there’s nothing new under the sun.

Jay Shafer’s been building Tiny Houses for 5 years. Some of them are portable and on wheels, and some are designed for putting on a foundation. Most of the portables that are shown are really variations of the Airstream and Pullman themes, though they intentionally look like homes instead of travel trailers.  They’re practical, energy efficient  and you won’t have to worry about house guests overstaying their visit.

The Huntridge cottages, the Westleigh bungalows, the Oakwood and Fran Park mini mods were all small functional bare bones no frill homes when they were built. Jay’s Z-glass model is a no frills modernist cube. It’s not a lifestyle for everyone, but I sell a lot of 800 to 1100 foot homes and except for the 3 dogs, the need for lots of home office space, and the rotating family roommates, I could live happily in a very small space.