New Year’s Best Wishes From Uncle Jack and VeryVintageVegas

If 2008 was the most interesting year of my life, then I’m going to just sit back and see what happens in 2009. I’m counting on, and looking forward to improvement in every aspect! If I’ve ever been called anything, then being called an eternal optimist is probably the truest of them.

I’m grateful to each and everyone one of you for reading along as I do my small part in making Las Vegas a better city; revitalizing and uplifting our vintage neighborhoods; educating others as we learn about mid century modern architecture, design and lifestyle; and attempt to preserve the cultural history of this most interesting of cities.

There’s a group of people who deserve extra special recognition and to whom I’m eternally grateful. In alphabetical order I want to thank my gang, and tell each of them how much they mean to me. MaryJOY Alderman, our fashionista; Brian Paco Alvarez, our historian; Steve Christmas, my right hand; Susan Dean, our proofreader; Pam Hartley, Our Neighborhood Activist; JJ Pechacek, who’s my conscience; and Lynn Zook, our researcher. Three others, Meghan Stoddard, Erin Strater and Rachel Carr became new friends this last year. All of them jumped right in with both feet and helped me personally to survive this most interesting and challenging year of my life. To all of you a HUGE HUG and A HUGE THANK YOU!

I want to thank my cousin Char for digging up these 1950’s new year’s movie trailers for us.