Jack LeVine Is On Facebook! Would You Like To Be My Friend?

I just posted an album of the pictures from my birthday party. I even finally changed my profile picture.

Want to get connected to the movers and shakers and hipsters, and artists and musicians and neighbors and activists and politicians and writers and tv personalities and even some old fuddy duddies, too.  that live and work and hang out in the new old Las Vegas? Lot’s of us are one facebook. You should be, too. Social networking is all the rage, and facebook makes it easy to share with your friends and for them to share with you.

First You’ll have to register, which is easy. Upload a picture if you want. Create a profile.

Once you’re registered, you can type in my name in the search field and see my profile page. Go ahead, invite me to be your friend. Play around a few minutes and you’ll get the hang of it. If we’re already facebook friends, tell me who your friends are that I ought to be friends with. It’s a pretty small world and life’s a lot more fun when you’re feeling connected.

Scroll thru my list of friends and see who you know. Scroll thru their friends. Create a profile for yourself, and invite everyone you know to do it too. 

You probably already know a lot more people than you think, and there’s a ton of people you ought to know. It’s a lot of fun…check it out.