Probably the first big rush of success I felt about the VeryVintageVegas brand was over a year and a half ago at First Friday.

A lady in a stroller came up to me in front of the Arts Factory. She said “I started following your blog a few months ago. You mentioned in a blog post that you’d be hanging out here, so I came down to meet you.”

Wen Li is her name. Her son Eden was in the stroller. I’d get to meet her husband Korky sometimes later. I hope you’ve seen her name in the comments section of each post. She’s been a frequent (by comments standards) regular commenter, and I thank her and all the rest of you that make comments.

That leads to the point of this post. Wen Li commented  to a post I wrote the other day as I was trying to get back into the swing of things:

You do such a good job covering events, now, uncle jack! it’s hard to think of things you haven’t covered. it might be interesting to see more small businesses in vintage vegas profiled, as well as little bios of some of the wonderful people who live in all the neighborhoods you cover. reading a story about people who have lived in their neighborhood for 30 years as well as new neighbors just moving in might give your readers a sense of who their neighbors might be if they moved to vintage vegas. i’m a mid century fan, for sure, but for those that are not, perhaps reading about  the community would be inspiring.

Wen Li

All questions well raised, Wen Li.  What would you, the readers of VeryVintageVegas like to see me do on this blog? It will be fun to see, for example, if people want restaurant reviews. I’d like to see them. I don’t want to write them, however. I’d have to find someone else to do them.

My first thought and intention, when I wrote the post, was merely people sending me emails.  Why not whole posts? I think the general idea is a sound one. I don’t charge for the bandwidth, or the space, and I can’t pay for them, but, you’d have lots of people see your name in print.

I’m open to anyone being a guest blogger regardless of whether they talk about restaurants, or music, or art, or neighbor bios, or architecture, or design or history or ??.  

So tell me in the comments what you’d like to see me doing more or less of. Let’s just treat it as a suggestion box. And if you’re interested in guest blogging, just drop me an email.