Classic Las Vegas Extends DVD Offer

If you’re already a regular reader of the Classic Las Vegas Blog, (which is on my must read regularly list), then you probably saw the special offer they’re making for their “Story of Classic Las Vegas – Work in Progress” documentary.

They had such success, that they’ve extended the offer thru Friday February 20.


Have you purchased your copy of “The Story of Classic Las Vegas” yet?  This first-person narrative documentary is an overview of the little-known, real history of Las Vegas as told by the men and women who were there and contributed to the growth of the town.

The DVD covers the early years between the World Wars as well as the Depression and what it was like growing up in a small town in the middle of the desert.

The building of Hoover Dam and Block 16 are explored as well as the effect of World War II and the beginning stirrings of the Las Vegas Strip.

We examine what it was like growing up in post-War Las Vegas as well as the marketing effort of the Las Vegas News Bureau which helped make Las Vegas America’s playground.

Entertainers such as Sam Butera, Pete Barbutti, Steve Rossi and Marty Allen offer their recollections of playing Las Vegas when it was the Entertainment Capital of the World.

There is  an extended look at the history of segregation and the Civil Rights efforts that finally broke the color barrier.

For lovers of the Mob history of Las Vegas, there is a section on the history of the mob, the effect of Howard Hughes and a look at the Rosenthal-Spilotro era of the late 1970s.

We are offering our readers a special on this DVD.  For the next ten days, if you order “The Story of Classic Las Vegas” we will send you, at no extra charge, “The Tribute to Don English“.  Don English was the premiere photographer for the Las Vegas News Bureau and this DVD was part of a tribute that was held for him just weeks before he passed away.  It is filled with his iconic photographs of showgirls and cheesecake as well as his memories of photographing atomic bomb explosions.  Together this is a great set of DVDs that make a great addition to your own DVD collection or as gift.

Each DVD comes in a slim-line black case with printed front and back.  Each disc has a printed label.

With Clark County celebrating its centennial this year, now is the time to discover the little known, real history of your favorite town.  We’re willing to bet you haven’t heard many of the stories before. 

We’ve not offered this special before, so take advantage now.

For ordering instructions follow this link:

Order the “The Story of Classic Las Vegas” for $25 and we will ship both discs to you, (a savings of $10 if you had to order both discs separately).

So, if you haven’t ordered yet, what are you waiting for?  Take advantage of this special offer as they say.  Order today so you can start enjoying the real history of Las Vegas. 

You’ll be surprised at what you’ve been missing!

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