A Francisco Park Community Swimming Pool??

A regular reader of VeryVintageVegas posed a question that I can’t answer. Any of our “old-timers” have a recollection that might help?


Jack, I’m hoping you can help me on this one.  When I was a little kid, back in the mid to late 60’s, I used to live in Huntridge on Bracken Ave.  We used to walk over to the Francisco Park division on Maryland Parkway and Sahara right behind L-Bar-L Market, back then they were all cinder block duplexes, classic Pardee-Phillips of the era. 

Somewhere in the middle of that development, there was a community swimming pool.  My memory says it was off of Chapman between St. Louis and Sahara, then San Francisco Ave.  I remember a turquoise painted metal archway that was literally between 2 houses that we would walk through and it was kind of in someone’s backyard!  Everybody from the neighborhood would go to this pool,when Baker Pool at John C. Fremont was too crowded.  I have driven around the neighborhood and studied aerial photos but can’t find it. 


I was hoping that you may have some information on where it was located and if it’s still there or was filled in.  Back then the area was much different than today and I think they had some kind of early “association” that kept things up.  It was probably about 1965, there was a Winchell’s doughnut on Maryland Parkway and a short lived Kentucky Roast Beef (before Arby’s!) across the street also on Maryland.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks,  Mark Curry