More On The Fire At The Mid Century Modern Home In The Historic Las Vegas Neighborhood Of McNeil

I’m saddened at the loss of one of the few “desert” mid century modern homes in McNeil. Actually there’s several very cool ones on Ashby, but this was one of the only ones in the rest of McNeil. Most of the homes in McNeil are “Ranch Modern”. This property won design awards when it was built in 1960. There’s a matching home in Glen Heather.

I spoke to the listing agent, Charlie Gross this morning. Most everything he told me is covered in Alyson McCarthy’s report on Channel 8, which is below. Charlie told me that “Whoever did this, REALLY knew what they were doing. There is no gas service to the house, but whatever explosive they used made it seem like the whole house was full of gas, and then ignited all at once.” He told me that every single window was broken out, and that the roof was lifted completely off of the house.

I did a little video for you of why I thought it was such a cool house. The second video is just a funny outtake while Erin was figuring out my camera.