Two Fish In A Sea Of Plastic

IMG_0620MaryJOY and I both had a “what are we doing HERE?” expression on our faces when we walked into the Olympic Gardens 20th Anniversary Party last night. The trouble was, it was so dark and so loud that we couldn’t SEE or hear each other.

Eventually we adjusted to the darkness. It was most amusing that you couldn’t even see what was on the platters of passed hor d’oeurves.

IMG_0633We did get to see the mayor (who thinks we stalk him), and I managed to get a not-so-good picture with James Caan, OG owner Pete Eliakas, and MaryJOY.

Pete seems to have done very well for himself, as he used to be the owner of the White Cross Drugs Lunch Counter for about 30 years from the 60’s to the 90’s.

IMG_0626We met some very interesting characters, some with bent little noses,  some in outragous costumes, and several of the dancers who’s outfits were almost non-existant.

The biggest surprise was the 1/2 dozen different strangers who told me they found out about the party by reading VeryVintageVegas. There’s so many readers out there who I’ve never met or heard from. Please don’t ever hesitate to say hi if you run into me, even at the grocery store.

IMG_0617It was a great little party and certainly one that was out of the ordinary!