Vintage Vegas Wishes Barbie A Happy 50th Birthday

Yes, I spent 2 hours with Barbie last night. If you click on any of the youtube videos, you’ll find hours of Barbie fun to play with.

Somewhere (in one of the boxes that are stacked up in the back bedroom) I’ve got an actual 1960 Barbie (new in the box) that I inherited from my avid toy collector friend, Adam. (Someday, Adam, I’ll get that bookshelf built. I swear!) He told me once that it was something about the eyebrows that let him know that it was a 1960 version. I wish I’d payed closer attention when he told me. If I’d have known I was going to inherit it, I probably would have.


ABC News show some of Barbies different looks thru the years

Vogue – “What a Doll”

The Barbie Blog AllDolldUP

You can be a Barbie Fan on FaceBook. (you are on facebook, aren’t you)


Happy Birthday, Barbie!