The Las Vegas Redevelopment Agency Is Vital To Re-building Downtown

Reporter Alan Choate in today’s RJ can give you all the pros and cons, but on this issue, I definitely side with the City.

Mayor Oscar Goodman, and the City Council need to hear from you. Tell them that you believe in downtown. Tell them that you’re on board with historic preservation. Tell them that you support the Redevelopment Agency. Tell them that you’re proud of what’s happening and that you want it to continue and to expand.

Most of the Vintage Vegas Neighborhoods that are in the city have active neighborhood associations. Besides writing or calling personally, I think it would be helpful for the NA’s to write a letter of support as well. If you’re involved or active in one of them, please bring it up and request that it gets done.

Phone numbers and email contact forms are in the links to The Mayor, and to City Council.