Weeds Make Our Vintage Vegas Neighborhoods Look Awful

IMG_0995I was most pleased to see that a lot of lawns got mowed this last weekend. This morning I spotted dozens of “rock” lawns that are now free of weeds, but that looked awful the other day. NOTHING makes a neighborhood look run down and depressed like a yard full of weeds. 2 or 5 adjacent to each other could cause a home on any given block to sell for 10 or 15 THOUSAND DOLLARS LESS.

Seriously. It’s true. The nicer the whole street looks, the more buyers are willing to pay for a house on that block.



IMG_0993There’s not been any change however on the vacant, bank owned homes. It’s bad enough that the banks are giving away houses at ridiculous prices (unless you’re about to buy one), but they’d get better prices if they would just clean them up a little.

The banks aren’t going to do it, however. So….I’m begging all of you. If you’ve got a vacant home that’s full of weeds and litter in your vicinity, please do yourself and your neighbors a really big favor by mowing the lawn or pulling the weeds.

You’ll feel better about your own block, and we’ll help to shore up the prices. Of course, if you’re guilty yourself……do your own first.