A Unique and Inexpensive Flooring Fix

Polka dot floor

What to do with ugly 80’s linoleum when you’re on a VERY tight budget?

You’ll have to guess how it was done. I’ll tell you after there’s at least 5 comments from 5 different people who take a stab at figuring it out.

(I’m doing this to try to get you to start reading the comments that others have made, or to be the first to leave one.

Polka dot floor - 2Stephanie, who’s a regular reader and facebook friend, sent me the pictures of her “pink bathroom” while it’s in progress. She says that still to come are pink walls, and that when she’s done,  then she’ll show us the whole bathroom.

Stephanies friends on Facebook already know the answer, so I’m hoping they won’t spoil the reveal.