Las Vegas Discography Documents The Music Of The Rat Pack Era

IMG_1388One of the highlights of last night’s Morelli and His Music event was meeting Kristie Nelson. Kristie’s a young Las Vegas native who now lives in Alaska. She graduated from UNLV with dual majors of Music History and Library Science.

It’s only natural that she merge those two interests by cataloging the music that was made in Las Vegas during the heyday of the “live music era’ which was so beautifully recreated last night.

Vegas%20Sign%20BlackLasVegasDiscography doesn’t contain the actual recordings, but it does document “all of the recordings of live performances and studio recordings based on Las Vegas shows, and live comedy and variety shows that featured a significant amount of music.”

It’s a terrific starting point if you’re wanting to study up on the music of the Rat Pack Era of Las Vegas.

The flyer for the Discography says:

What is it?

The Las Vegas Discography Collection is an online resource that presents information about music recordings made in the Las Vegas showrooms and lounges circa 1950–1980. Three discographies list recordings of live performances, studio recordings based on Las Vegas shows, live comedy and varieties shows that featured a significant amount of music.

Future plans for the website include a list of recordings by hotel, commentary from musicians who played on the recordings and an index to performer obituaries.

How Can You Help?

If you know of a recording that is not on the list, or if you or someone you know was involved in the creation of these recordings, please contact Kristie Nelson at to share your comments.