We’ve received an urgent plea for help. The Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs is a cabinet level department that’s instrumental in all the historic preservation efforts, not to mention the arts, music, libraries, and every other kind of culture that we need in Nevada.






Attend the Legislative Hearing: Monday, April 6, 8 a.m.

Room 3137

(Contact Assembly Ways and Means for teleconference to Las Vegas 775-684-8591)


Your Support is Urgently Required to Prevent the Removal of the Department of Cultural Affairs from the Governor’s Cabinet and

transfer it to a function of the Secretary of State’s Office


Dear Supporters of the Department of Cultural Affairs:

During this year’s Legislative Session, the Secretary of State submitted a bill to remove the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) from the Governor’s Cabinet and take over the four divisions of DCA as part of his many duties. The Bill is AB507 and proposes to:

·          Eliminate the Department Director, a mission-directed, full-time advocate for culture in Nevada

·          Eliminate the Department as an independent and very visible cabinet level agency, dedicated to arts, culture, preservation, libraries and free access to government information

·          Place the Department of Cultural Affairs in a politically elected office

We believe this is an imprudent move because:

·          There is no current duplication of efforts between the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Secretary of State

·          Cultural Affairs’ strong voice as an independent advocate for historic preservation, libraries, information management, arts and culture would be endangered

·          The potential to jeopardize a well-positioned and respected department in its funding and advocacy objectives for cultural programs could be created

·          Creates questions about the ability to accept private donations during certain periods

·          There is no clear precedent set by other states as a model to follow for this type of hybrid organization with all these types of divisions included

·          The Department was created by a fundamental review of government and has been functioning without issue for more that 15 years which was reaffirmed in 2002

·          No documented plan for fiscal saving has been identified


We ask for your support to insure that the Department of Cultural Affairs keeps a seat at the Cabinet Level. If you agree, please do one of the following:

Attend the ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON WAYS AND MEANS on Monday, April 6, 2009, 8 a.m. in Room 3137.  Bills can be taken out of order.

If you can’t attend the hearing, please call or email members of the committee:

For more information about the activities of the Department of Cultural Affairs, please visit its website at

Thank you,

Friends of Libraries, Arts, Museums and Preservation efforts in Nevada