Desert Tortoises, Mosquitos and Weeds

Desert Tortoises

Baby Desert Tortoises - photo courtesy of the TortoiseGroup

The foreclosure crisis has many victims. Every type of dog and cat rescue group is overwhelmed with pets that are being abandoned, but the Desert Tortoises are especially vulnerable since they’re silent, and have been hibernating, burrowed under houses, patios and boulders.

If you know of a family that had a Desert Tortoise in their care, and have now left their home, or are about to, please pass on this number. 702–593–9027 to have the Desert Tortoises picked up free of charge.

It’s illegal for the Tortoises to be removed from the State. The TortoiseGroup has a website and phone number  for more information, or if you’d like to adopt one. 702–739–8043


Mosquitos Breed In Green Water Swimming Pools

IMG_9154The Southern Nevada Health District has asked the Realtor Community for help to eliminate standing water from swimming pools in abandoned homes.

I regularly find notices taped to the doors of vacant foreclosed homes. More often than the notices, I’m finding pools that are green. I call it in immediately to the Vector Control office at 702–759–1633. If the bank or listing agent doesn’t take care of it quickly, the County will do it and place a lien on the property to pay for it.

Take a look over the wall if you know of an abandoned home near you (whether it’s for sale already or not). If you see a pool that’s gone green, call the number above, or file a complaint online.  



I’m begging you again….

IMG_0990The weeds are over a foot tall now. I know they’re not in YOUR yard, but they are in the lawn of the abandoned and foreclosed homes around you. When you do your own yard this weekend, go mow the lawn or pull the weeds of the nearest abandoned home.

Trust me…you’ll like the look of your street again. The buyers who are coming to look at your street will likey be willing to pay more. The more they pay, the more your house is worth. We’re absorbing the foreclosure inventory faster than it’s being listed now, and there’s multiple offers on almost any home that is eligable for FHA financing.

I’m seeing prices increasing again, (NO never to the artificial levels of ‘06, but certainly heading back to reality) which will give you the opportunity to refinance or to sell once again.

It’s in EVERYONES BEST INTEREST if everytime you take out the lawnmower or the weedeater that you help take care of another yard on your street.