Critical Mass Meets Luv-It Frozen Custard

IMG_1783Mary Joy literally dragged me out of the house on Friday night. We ran into the Critical Mass Bike Ride folks at Luv-Its.

Luv-Its is one of my favorite places in all of Vintage Vegas. It’s on Oakey at Las Vegas Blvd. Open in the evenings, except Mondays. You’ll alway find a line that’s worth the wait, and you’ll probably meet some new neighbors and friend while you’re there.

IMG_1786Critical Mass is a “take back the streets” bike ride that occurs on the last Friday of each month. They told me they meet up at UNLV, but it’s not so clear where on their MySpace page. I talked to several of them, and found that they’d ridden from UNLV over to the Strip, and then north to take in Downtown. Luv-Its was a great place for them to take a break.




IMG_1781Since the “THIS PLACE MATTERS” sign has been riding around in my back seat, and I’ve been as lazy as all the rest of you about documenting the important places of Vintage Vegas, or even of our own personal lives…..I took it out and made the trip worthwhile. I’ve uploaded this picture of Luv-Its Frozen Custard to the This Place Matters Flicker Page, and put it “on the map”. There’s a whole piece on the subject from a few weeks ago, when it was first announced.

I’d really like you to help me with this important project.