Domestic Partnership Bill To Be Debated Tomorrow

One of the things that affects so many people in Las Vegas is Domestic Partnership. It is vital that this gets passed by the assembly. Even the Review Journal has come out in favor of its passage. As much as anything, it’s a property rights issue, and therefore pertainant to so many readers of this Real Estate oriented blog.


This is important to EVERY unmarried couple in Nevada. I’ve asked for your help on this before, when my life partner JJ passed away 2 weeks ago. Had it been passed years ago, then our lives would have been easier in so many ways. There’s many many thousands of unmarried couples who will benefit by the passage of SB283. Will you please call or email the Judiciary Committee members?


Tomorrow morning, the Nevada State Assembly Judiciary Committee will hear testimony for and vote on SB 283, the Domestic Partnership Registration bill.  This bill will give ALL UNMARRIED COUPLES the legal recognition and protections they need such as making health care decisions for each other, owning homes together, securing inheritance protections and more.  Below you will find links where you can share your support for this bill with Assembly members. Please take a moment now to email or call and make your opinion count and your voice heard.

Assembly Judiciary Committee member contact information:

Bernie Anderson – Chair (775) 684-8563

Tick Segerblom – Vice Chair (775) 684-8549
Marilyn Dondero Loop   (775) 684-8833
William Horne  (775) 684-8847
Ruben Kihuen  (775) 684-8553
Mark Manendo  (775) 684-8801
Harry Mortenson  (775) 684-8803
James Ohrenschall  (775) 684-8819
Bonnie Parnell  (775) 684-8825
John Carpenter  (775) 684-8831
Ty Cobb  (775) 684-8848
Don Gustavson  (775) 684-8851
John Hambrick  (775) 684-8827
Richard McArthur (775) 684-8829


If you want to view the hearing in person, by closed circuit TV in Las Vegas, the details are below:


Assembly Judiciary Hearing on SB 283
Friday, May 8 at 8:00 a.m.
Room 4401 of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building
(555 East Washington Avenue, Las Vegas)

You can always view the proceedings online by following this link to the legislative website.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with our elected state representatives on this important legislation