Moulin Rouge Destroyed By Fire – A Tragic Loss For Las Vegas Historic Preservation

The historic preservation movement in Las Vegas lost another important piece of history yesterday. In case you weren’t watching any of the new reports yesterday….The Moulin Rouge Hotel burned to the ground on Wednesday. Just last week the famous neon sign was moved to the Neon Museum’s boneyard for “safe keeping”.

We had great hopes for the rebuilding and saving of the first “racially integrated” hotel in Las Vegas. The owners say there were plans underway to rebuild the Moulin Rouge, as both a hotel and casino, as well as a museum to an era in Las Vegas that should not be forgotten.

I’ve saved you a few seconds of google time to bring you the news coverage from all the channels in case you missed seeing all the live coverage that given to it.

Moulin-rouge-sign-circa-2006 (source unknow)At least the sign managed to get saved. I’m hoping that it can get moved to the front of the line for restoration, and that a prominent spot for it will be designated.



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