A New One On Me – Mosquito Fish Being Used By Clark County Health District

Fish At WorkLast week, I reported about 9 properties to the Clark County Health District’s “Vector Control”. I’d mentioned before that the Vector Control had requested that Realtors report green pools. The pools are a breeding ground for mosquitos, and West Nile Virus (the swine flu of years past).

I went back to one of the home yesterday to show to a different buyer, and found this sign taped to the wall of the house. I’d never seen it before, found it hard to believe. I did some googling and found this article in the LA TIMES about the “mosquito fish” that’s being used to eat the mosquito larvae.



Fish At Work 2The number of “green pool” complaints jumped to 2,800 in 2008, from about 1,600 in 2007. This year, the health district received nearly 500 complaints from January through March, an 80% increase over the same time last year.

The Realtors are reporting the ones that are for sale, but there’s lots of others in occupied homes. Take a peek over your neighbors wall. If the pool is green, PLEASE help us by calling Vector Control at 702–759–1633.