Historic Preservation Month Film Series – Sunday At The 5th Street School

Historic Preservation Month Film Series

HistoricPreservMonth_BrochurePoster2009Sunday, May 17, 2009
11:00 AM 5:00  PM

Auditorium of the Fifth Street School
1401 S. Fourth Street


Presented By:
Historic Preservation Commission
Planning & Development
Office of Cultural Affairs



11:00 Tah Gum: The Washoe Pine-Nut Harvest
University of Nevada Oral History Program, 23 minutes
The film documents the annual autumn harvest of pine nuts by members of the
Washoe Tribe. Filmed in the pinon forests east of the Sierra Nevada, with historic
photos and film footage, the story celebrates a seasonal activity that links past to
present– where the pine nut harvest celebrates feasting and other social

11:30 Rabbit Boss: The Survival of A Washoe Tradition
University of Nevada Oral History Program, 26 minutes
The film follows a group of Washoe hunters, led by Rabbit Boss, Marvin
Dressler, repeating an ancient tradition of a rabbit drive amidst the spectacular
landscape basin east of Sierra Nevada; a ceremonial hunt where the rabbits are
killed for their meat and pelts, honoring an enduring and binding tradition.

12:05 People of the Marsh
University of Nevada Oral History Program, 34 min, Filmed on location in the
austere and beautiful landscape of the Carson Sink basin east of Lake Tahoe, the
film features the evocative stories of members of the Fallon Paiute Shoshone
Tribe, sharing their knowledge of the past and the life ways that have sustained
them in this unique natural environment.

12:45 That Was Happy Life: A Paiute Woman Remembers
UNR producer, 27 minutes, A documentary on the life of Katie Frazier, a Paiute
born in 1891, who lived the old ways at Pyramid Lake. The film is a saga of
her dignity and survival, told in her own words, a long life she attributes to living
happy life.

1:20 Cactus Range: End of an Era
Nellis AFB producer, 33 min, Several depression era families and individuals who
lived and worked in the mines of the Cactus Range, revisit the sites they called
home over 65 years ago. Combined with photos and research, the film presents the
stories of two families involved in the brutal hard rock mining for gold and silver,
viewed through the eyes of their children.

2:00 The Story of Classic Las Vegas
Lynn Zook producer, 52 min, The story of Las Vegas as told by the people who
lived and worked here, through their own words, a larger narrative of how the city
grew and prospered over the years.

3:00 Film Antics of Las Vegas: the 50s
Bob Stoldal/KLAS TV producer, 12 min, A Collection of vintage clips from
newsreels of the 1950s with the focus on Las Vegas.

3:15 Las Vegas Scenes 1954-1959
Nevada State Museum producer, 30 min. Home movies by a great cameraman
feature Las Vegas neon, the Hacienda, Tropicana Hotel and other historic hotels
on the Strip featuring celebrities of the 1950s with vintage footage of several
Helldorado parades of the era.

3:30 Is anybody Listening
Bob Stoldal/KLAS TV producer, 19 min. A series of news stories from the
1980s about the loss of landmark buildings or those being threatened including;
The Ice, Plant, Las Vegas Hospital, Big Springs, Keil Ranch and the Old Fort.
3:55 Las Vegas Through the Ages: A Pictorial History
LVCVA producer, 17 min, A montage of still photos and film set to music,
produced for the citys Centennial in 2005.

4:15 Helldorado Through the Years
Lynn Zook / the Nevada State Museum Archives, 25 min
Home movies of the Helldorado parade with floats, marching bands, horses
and more.

4:45 City of Destiny: A Las Vegas Centennial Film
A Lawrence Middle School producer, 13 minutes Middle school students
under the diction of art teacher, Clavin M. Stroble, created a short film
celebrating the citys centennial.