Stopping To Smell The Hollyhocks

IMG_2399I know it’s supposed to be “stopping to smell the ROSES”, but I didn’t find any on a recent evening walk with the dogs.

I’d heard about this thing called “diet and exercise” but never really paid it much mind. Now it seems like a good idea, so I’m doing it.

Last night, I took Maggie, Shadow and Bayley for a stroll thru the John S. Park Neighborhood. These are streets that I drive down all the time. I’m astounded at what you can see when you’re being pulled by three beagles. There’s little details you just don’t see from the car.

We’ve been walking regularly lately, but I this is the first time I tried to juggle a camera as well as constanly being tangled up in the leashes. It was even more fun. I highly recommend it.



























IMG_2415There’s a virtual FOREST of Pine trees at the corner of 8th and Franklin. Some are on the Mormon Church lot (that’s going to be torn down ) and across the street as well. It looks very different when you’re walking.







IMG_2413There’s landscaping details in your neighbors yards. If you catch some fun things to see when you are out walking….send me a picture and the location. We can make this a regular feature.





Have a great and safe Memorial Day Weekend. I may do some blogging, but am looking forward to some more me time for a change. Unless the phone rings.