Just One Last Thing About Domestic Partnership

Most of us are still in shock that Domestic Partnership Legislation not only made it out of committee; not only passed one house, but two; and most of all that it’s veto got overridden.

It was a monumental effort whose time had come. I want to thank all of you who took the time to actually engage in democracy by calling and emailing the legislators and the governor. I know a huge number of you did. Your help was welcome and made a big difference. Being in shock is the only excuse I have for not having thanked you all publicly until 10 days after the fact.

I did mention several times, that it was only about about domestic partnership and not about marriage. The reason is that the fanatic religious right had shoved a constitutional amendment down our collective throats several years back. They did it with “end of the world” fear tactics. They did it by quoting some of the bible.

So as a thank you gift, I would like to share with you the thoughts on the subject by Mrs. Betty Bowers, who is America’s “Best Christian”. She very thoughtfully explains traditional biblical marriage to us, in a way that only she (and The Onion, and Steven Colbert) can.

And then I promise to never mention it again. Unless, of course, I get married one day. If that ever happens, you’ll hear about it here, first, and you’ll all be invited!

Here’s a direct LINK to the video on YOUTUBE in case the embedded version doesn’t show up in your browser