Dependable Contractors And Service Professionals – Who Do You Know?

I’m updating my list of vendors again.  I didn’t get much response from the last time I asked our audience for recommendations, so I’m hoping you’ll help this time.

The scariest thing in the world is to put your finger down in the yellow pages and pick a random someone to do something for you (including Realtors). I get a lot of calls from friends, clients and readers asking for someone to fix this, or do that, or install something.

I’m especially looking for handymen. The “jack-of-all trades” with experience in everything from hanging a door, fixing a roof, re-tiling a bathtub or what not. Daryll’s been my guy for 5 years. The problem is…he’s too good, and he’s always booked. He’ll jump thru hoops for ME in an emergency, but he’s not always as available as I’d like. He’s honest dependable, fairly priced, has a magnitude of tools, experience and knowledge. I NEED 3 or 4 MORE DARYLLS. Who do you know?

A recent addition to our list is from a neighbor that had a broken AC. Of course it didn’t break this week when it’s unseasonably cool. It was a couple of weeks ago, when it was unseasonably hot. One of the Murphy’s Law rules for Las Vegas would be “if the AC is going to break, it will happen on Friday Night of the 4th of July Weekend”. Ditto for the furnace it will go out on Christmas Eve.

Anyway, after a lot of phone calls to a lot of AC people, It was Sam’s Heating and and Cooling that came to the rescue. He not only got it fixed quickly, he did it for hundreds of dollars less than everyone else was quoting. Then he did the remarkable, he actually came back a week later to make sure everything was still working properly. That’s the kind of service we’re looking for. So here’s a shout out and recommendation to Sam. He’s licensed, insured and bonded; as well as reasonable  and dependable. If you need a good AC guy this summer, give him a call at 702–241–4994.

You can leave your recommendations for ANY type of service or contractor in the remarks. I’ll need to know who you are, so if you aren’t putting in a real email address it won’t be of any help to us. No one but me sees the email addresses, and I DO have to follow up with you.

Put them in the comments, or email me directly at