Breaking News – A 3 Day Vacation

I’m going to make myself do it. I’m not even (I hope) going to allow myself to feel guilty. I haven’t really had a day off in over 6 months. It was last August when I left town last, and that was only for 2 days.

If I can finish the to-do list by 7pm tonight then I’ll leave then. If not, then first thing in the morning. The memorial service I’m attending is at 4pm.

My good friend and fellow Realtor, Brad Emens will be covering things for me. He’ll be picking up my messages and taking care of anything that needs IMMEDIATE attention.

I’ll probably post some pictures from LA, but otherwise, I’ll be back to work Tuesday morning, and probably be on the phone all day Monday, while friving back. (I know myself all too well).

I wish you all a great weekend.

Go Downtown. Go to the Springs Preserve. Take in some art, some music, and some good food. Call or visit someone you haven’t seen in way too long. I’ll be doing the same – LA style.