The Law Of Un-Intended Consequences

The law of unintended consequences says that no matter how well you think something thru, and how flawlessly you execute the plan, it’s not going to turn out exactly how you expected. Murphy’s law is related to this as well. They say a butterfly can flap it’s wings in China, and it will cause a Tornado in Kansas.

I’m going to attempt to tell you (quickly) the story of why there’s been so little new to read this week at VeryVintageVegas. I’m not apologizing, just explaining.

It all started with the cash for clunkers program. There was JJ’s 93 Dodge Pickup in the driveway that I was going to sell or give away anyway. So I checked it out at It qualified as a trade in vehicle. Then I went car shopping. Ended up trading it and the Impala for a new Malibu! I didn’t really have the time to do all that, but momentum took over. Now I know how the first time homebuyers feel trying to get in on the 8000 tax credit before it ends.

My mother MADE me promise to not smoke in the new car. I’d made that same promise about the Impala 5 years ago, and it lasted about a week back then. This time, I knew it had to be forever, so I just QUIT SMOKING. No patches, no pills, no gum, no gimmicks. I’ve done all of them before. If fact I’ve done everything there is to do to quit except for ACTUALLY QUITTING. I’ve talked about, and thought about, and threatened to do it almost every single day for 40 years.

Well, it’s been a week today. I’ve been thru hell, as my body really tried to punish me. But I made it. I can think again today. All week I was totally spaced out like I was stoned. Dizzy spells, headaches, a 3 day head cold, nausea and more. But I made it. I got most of the really important paperwork done, made it to all of my appointments, and did everything but be a prolific blogger.

So now you know.

Some of what I should have been telling you about all week is…..

Scotch 80s signsScotch 80’s neighborhood gears up for a battle against commercial encroachment into the neighborhood.




Woodstock Tributepallooza at Fremont Street Experience this weekend. Dig out the Tye-Dies and go have some fun!

The Funk House is holding a FIFTY PERCENT OFF EVERYTHING IN THE STORE SALE!  This weekend only!