NEON REVERB – The Las Vegas Music Festival

NEON REVERBNEON REVERB is a music festival in Las Vegas, NV, created and organized by local, independent promoters, on a not-for-profit basis, simply for the love of music.  Our idea is to produce a new twice-annual event (happening every March and September) that helps galvanize Downtown Las Vegas as the center of a thriving and growing music scene. We hope both to build more community among local promoters, venues, and musicians, and to help highlight Las Vegas as a place where bands from around the country (and around the world) should come and play.



Here’s a little promo video talking about it. The complete line up is on the Neon Reverb Facebook Page, but I’ve pasted it in below the fold.

Schedule for Sept. 17-20, 2009: 

THURSDAY 9/17–THE SQUARE APPLE: Opening Reception 7pm with Blue Shot and Dopamine Flux! BEAUTY BAR LINE-UP: The Most Serene Republic, The Morning After Girls, The Lazystars, Kid Theodore, Leaving Springfield! BUNKHOUSE LINE-UP: (NSWER Showcase) A Crowd of Small Adventures, Hungry Cloud, The Novelty Act, Mother McKenzie, Dreaming Of Lions! THUNDERBIRD LOUNGE LINE-UP: Collinz Room, The Black Jetts, As Yet Unbroken! ARUBA SHOWROOM LINE-UP (LVJBS show): Shuttlefoot, .info, Black Beans & Hippy Liver, Superstar Bingo! BOOMERS LINE-UP: No Bunny, The Mapes, Monster Zero, Love Visions! HARD ROCK CAFE LINE-UP (Resodence): Brother Luke, One Loud Secret, Slow To Surface, Sharon Paquette!

The rest of the schedule is below the fold!


FRIDAY 9/18–EARLY BONUS SHOW AT THE SQUARE APPLE: 7pm-9pm–Calvary, Radaid, Five To The Eyes, Seven d’Six! THE GYPSY DEN LINE-UP (All-Ages): 7pm-9pm–Pan De Sal, Kid Meets Cougar, Cats From Japan! MEET LINE-UP: 7pm-9pm– Red State Soundsystem and Rubiks Hotel! ARUBA SHOWROOM and THUNDERBIRD LOUNGE LINE-UP: The Warlocks, Woven, The Skooners, The Tinglerz, Bee Movie The Band, Vietnam Cowboy, Minor Suns! BUNKHOUSE LINE-UP: Black Camaro, Jacob Smigel, I’m The Rabbit, Leslie and The Badgers, Band Of Annuals, The Petals! BEAUTY BAR LINE-UP: The Ropes, Imagine Dragons, Lips Like Morphine, The New Room, Close To Modern! LAS VEGAS COUNTRY SALOON LINE-UP: Black Cherry Blue, Whiskey Breath, John Zito and Electric Church! TEXAS STATION LINE-UP: The Vermin, Wau y Los Arrrghs!, The Objex, Bright Lights Big City! BOOMERS LINE-UP: The Scoundrels, The Originators, Agent 86, Nothing With Numbers! DOUBLE DOWN LINE-UP: F.S.P., Locke N Load, Trash Daddy, Smart Patrol, Poor Kids On Glue!

SATURDAY 9/19–EARLY BONUS SHOW AT THE SQUARE APPLE: 7pm-9pm–The Bleachers, Calicos, Asterionella! THE GYPSY DEN LINE-UP (All-Ages): 7pm-9pm–The Study Band, Army Of The Red Sparrow, Chandelle! MEET LINE-UP: 7pm-9pm– Jacob Smigel, Tim Watt! BEAUTY BAR LINE-UP: (CityLife Presents:) Themselves, Afghan Raiders, Shark Attack (Live Set), Ninth Cloud, Werd To The Mothership / O.L.I., Syndicate! BUNKHOUSE LINE-UP: The Flametrick Subs, The Clydesdale (CD Release!), Leopold & His Fiction, The Mad Caps! ARUBA SHOWROOM LINE-UP: Halloween Town (7″ Package Release Party), What Laura Says…, Samuel Stewart Band, The Attack!!, Shark Speed! BOOMERS LINE-UP: Casket Born, Mastiv, Protest, Fractured Vision! TEXAS STATION LINE-UP: Cornerstone, Singularity 3, And She Whispered! DOUBLE DOWN LINE-UP: 3upfront, No Comply, The Scrawnies, Thirteen 34, The Apocalyptics! THUNDERBIRD LOUNGE: Reggae Night with DJ Handgun and DJ Charlo!

SUNDAY 9/20–ARUBA HOTEL POOL: Poolside Reverb! 2pm-7pm. Come kick back and relax with DJs and musical guests!