Led Zeppelen In Las Vegas -1969? A History Mystery Surfaces

Supposedly, Led Zeppelin played Las Vegas in 1969, shortly after the release of their first album, and before they were mega big. There’s serious people who seriously care about solving the mystery of whether Led Zeppelin actually played a gig  on August 11, 1969 at the Ice Palace in the Commercial Center.

It’s mentioned in a Las Vegas Weekly article of the top 25 concerts ever held in Las Vegas. The thing is, there doesn’t seem to be any PROOF that it happened, and there are conflicts with other proven dates and venues that might suggest that it couldn’t have happened.

They’re trying to get to the bottom of it on a forum on the official Led Zeppelin website. I got contacted because they googled commercial center and came up with a post I did about the resurrection of Commercial Center. Naturally, I contacted Lynn Zook at Classic Las Vegas, Brian Paco Alvarez, and Dennis McBride from the Nevada State Museum. Turns out they all got turned on to the mystery last week, and I was late to the party. Our historians are scouring the archives, and they’ve even been doing research into, for example, Metro’s records for the dates to see of there were any calls to the Ice Palace. I have nothing personally to offer up, so….

We decided to put it out to the VeryVintageVegas and ClassicLasVegas blog audiences:

Any of you boomers remember being there? Hearing about it? Got a ticket stub, or a picture or anything?

Leave messages in the comments. JAS is doing the research and he’s watching to see if you any of you can help us prove once and for all that Led Zeppelin played Vegas in 1969.

And for those of you younger readers who may have never heard of Led Zeppelin. This was when rock was really rock:

The violin bow sequence that’s referrenced in the LasVegasWeekly piece starts at right about 3:00.