“Desperate Landscapes” On The “The Do-It-Yourself Network” – Casting Call For Las Vegas

I can think of a lot more than several homes here in Vintage Vegas! Wanna be on TV?

Desperate Landscapes




“The Do-It-Yourself Network”  is bringing its hit show “Desperate Landscapes” to Las Vegas, and they’re looking for some young, hip homeowners who have desperate front yards.  We need homeowners who are fun, energetic and serious about fixing up their front yards to be on par with others in the neighborhood.”

They are looking for homeowners “in the heart of the city.” You can go to www.jaytv.net to fill out an application.

If your home is the sore thumb on your block, Jason and the Desperate Landscapes team want to take your front yard from worst to first!!

They’re looking for:

  • Personable, energetic and telegenic homeowners willing and able to spend a day landscaping with our team
  • Homes with no… and we mean NO CURB APPEAL
  • Bad lawns, crumbling walkways, peeling paint, dead trees, messed up windows/doors/shutters
  • Homeowners who have neighbors willing to complain (on camera!) about your desperate landscape!


I’ve been emailing with the producer’s. They’d LOVE to see a Vintage Mid Mod Home on their schedule. If you’re applying, please let me know.