ReVision House – The Green Retrofit Project In Paradise Palms

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Sunday January 24, from Noon to 3 pm.



Things are really shaping up at the ReVision House In Paradise Palms. They’re certainly working faster than I’ve been able to report on it. Let’s get caught up.


Last we looked in, they were doing the spray foam insulation.

IMG_6828The roof followed soon after and I was able to get these pictures midway thru it. The roof is metal and is suspended over the top to allow total air circulation

The first layer is the 5/8th inch OSB for the foundation. At the Revision house, Dupont’s Roofliner material is used as the underlayment membrane.







IMG_68231 x 3 spacers are applied next in 2 foot intervals, from eave to ridge,and then topped by another set laid horizontally. The spacers provide a 1.5 inch gap under the roof which draws hot air up and out of the roof ridge ridge vents.


The foil looking strip down the center of is where the electronic sensors are buried in the foam insulation . They monitor the roof temperature, and the information is fed to the control panels for the house.  




IMG_6826The actual roof material is MBCI BattenLok. It’s a standing seam ENERGY STAR “cool” metal roof.


The pieces are seamless, factory cut to length and bolt down to the spacers.





IMG_6821Soffit and ridge venting allow the air to move under the metal roof. They’re attached all along the perimiter of the roof, under the drip edge.







IMG_6834The metal ridge caps allow the hot air to escape and keeps the roof from becoming a heat trap.













GreenBuilder Magazine, which is one of the sponsors of the project has much more information, especially in this brochure.