Our Voices Must Be Heard For The Arts And Culture And CODE ENFORCEMENT

Tonight is the first Town hall meeting on budget priorities for the City of Las Vegas. Each of the wards is having one. I published the complete list of them yesterday.

Tonight’s Meeting is for Ward 3, with Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Gary Reese. It’s at the East Las Vegas Community Center/Ballroom 250 N. Eastern Avenue 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Cindy Funkhouser, the founder of First Friday, and proprietor of the Funk House Antiques has sent out this special request to the arts and culture community.

We need to attend these meetings. WE must make our voices heard  now or we will be paying the price in the coming years, including this year. ARTS AND CULTURE ARE IMPORTANT TO THE COMMUNITY.

Cuts are coming and we want the elected officials to know that we need to keep the cultural programs in place. There is an immediate urgency to have the voices of the arts community and especially the visibility to appear and speak in behalf of the art programs in the city and county.

Additionally, I’ll be speaking up for BOLSTERING – NOT CUTTING funding for code compliance and rapid response which we all call all the time to keep the graffiti and shopping carts out of the neighborhoods. Last year they changed the standard from 24 hour response time to 72 hour response time. It could get worse if we don’t speak up.

I’ll be TIVO’ing the President’s State Of The Union Speech. If you really care about what the City is doing with it’s budget, you can do the same, and come out to the town hall meeting and speak out as well.