Do You Have An Olive Tree You Don’t Want?

IMG_7072Coast To Coast Tree Service is looking to buy 20 or more MATURE fruiting olive trees. I know that sounds weird, since there’s been a ban on importing them into Clark County since 1991.

They’re doing a landscape job for a major new shopping complex out in the suburbs. They can’t bring the trees in, but they can transplant existing ones. The trees have to be 20 or more years old, and in good healthy condition.

They’re offering to not only remove the tree, but they’ll pay you $150. or so depending on the size, AND they’ll plant you a new tree of your choice to replace the olive tree. If you’re tired of the olive mess, or just wanting to change to a tree that requires less water than an olive, this might be great for you.

Contact for this is Mike Becker of Coast To Coast Tree. His Cell number is 858–869–4321 Mike can explain the details and will drop by to see the tree. MAKE SURE TO TELL HIM YOU FOUND OUT ABOUT IT at