Plan 4 – The Original Sales Brochures For Paradise Palms – The Mid Mod Neighborhood Of Las Vegas

 Plan 4 front0001Both The 4A and The 4B models are easy to spot when you drive around in Paradise Palms.

Again, many of the carports have been changed to garages, or living area.

There have been many changes and modifications (some/too many of them being absolutley horrible) to the houses, especially the part of Paradise Palms north of Desert Inn – which even in 1962 and 1963 was the lower end, “starter home” part of the neighborhood.

Many of the 4B’s still maintain their rooflines and clearstory windows. Many of the A’s are now unrecognizable.  

I’m real happy that we can put these out there as a resource for the future new homeowners.

Any of our Paradise Palms readers who live in 4’s care to comment?

PLAN 4 Paradise Palms0001

The rubber stamp says:

Lot A = $24,950

Lot B = $26,050 

Lot C = $28,650


This is the first of the brochures to give us clue that there was different pricing for different lots.







PLAN 4 Paradise Palms0001 turnedIn the brochure, the street is obviously along the right side of the drawing. It really makes more sense like this, when you can picture the driveway cutting across the front of the house with a side entry carport as it shows in the elevation drawing.