Paradise Palms Was The First Master Planned Community In Las Vegas

Newlsetter APRIL  63 vol 2 num 4

Someone – quite wrongfully – suggested that I’m focusing too much attention on Paradise Palms. They asked me why I haven’t done anything on downtown lately….or McNeil or McWhatnot.

I’m just very happy to be back to consistent and regular blogging, and the “Revision House”, as well as these Paradise Palms newsletters and brochures from 1963 were just the thing to get me jump-started.

Another reader posed a good question recently. She did some driving around in Paradise Palms, noting that some of the properties – in fact, some of the blocks looked kind of shabby.

I explained that she’s quite right.  However, that’s true in neighborhoods all over the valley after the last 3 years of market decline, recession, and all that other bad stuff.

There’s dead lawns and peeling paint in Summerlin as well. The HOA there has more power to fight it than we do considering the budget constraints of the city and the county.

Never the less, there’s a TON of foreclosures that have been sold during the last 6 months. (AND A TON OF THEM BEING RELEASED AT THIS MOMENT – IF YOU HAVEN’T BOUGHT YET! The shadow inventory is starting to emerge.)

Most of the people who have already taken advantage of the low prices and the low interest rates have been putting their time and energy into fixing and repairing and redecorating the insides this winter. 

With Spring approaching, I think we’ll be seeing a torrent of outside activity among the many new homeowners.

First however, I think we’re going to see the biggest crop of weeds ever. It just might get uglier for a few months before the lawns and landscapes start to look good again. Of course, we needed the rain, and the logical (natural) outcome will be weeds.

So I’m taking a moment to start the appeal early. I saw my first little green shoots of growth this weekend. They were in the fringes of A NICE LAWN.  Whether you’re Downtown, or in McNeil, or Westleigh or Scotch 80’s or Fran Park, or EVEN in Paradise Palms….get an early jump on them, and stay ahead of them. Go talk to your neighbors. ENCOURAGE THEM to stay ahead of the weeds. Help a neighbor who might not be able to pull them. Your HOME VALUE will benefit. Lots and lots of those vacant properties are going to get new owners soon. The better the homes around them look, the more they’ll be fighting over the available ones. The FIRST thing they always do is pull the weeds at their new home.

Newlsetter APRIL  63 vol 2 num 4 (2)

There wasn’t a lot of news in this issue of the Paradise Palms “Desert – News” – therefore the little essay above, but….


Newlsetter APRIL  63 vol 2 num 4 pI do believe we should try to track down Fu-Fu.

Is she still around?

We know from a previous issue that the tennis courts were in the park that ran westward from Spencer along what’s now the South side of Chippawa Drive, and Chippawa Circle. I believe the pyramid roof house that shows in the background of the the top “tennis anyone” picture is at the end of the Commanche Circle Cul-de-sac.

The butterfly roof “clubhouse” in the bottom picture seems to be where Chippawa Circle is now. What a shame it’s now lost to us.

Newlsetter APRIL 63 vol 2 num 4I’m trying to figure out EXACTLY when the association for Paradise Palms was dissolved. Does anyone know? Any details? Was there a fight over it? Was the community thrilled to lose it? Who led the different factions. I just know there had to have been a battle. Any of you original or extremely long time owners have any insight?

The ONLY clue I have at the moment, is that all 5 houses on Chippewa Circle were built in 1979, and are absolutely NOT part of the brochure series, as they are on the North side of Chippewa Drive. So I know it had to have been at least a year or two before that. But when? Why?

Tomorrow or Wednesday  – Plan 5 of the brochure series.