The Paradise Palms Desert News – Building Community In 1963

Newlsetter May 63 vol 2 num 5 Page 10001“Let’s keep Paradise Palms looking like paradise!!” — a motto worthy of re-embracing!

Here’s Volume 2 Number 5, the May 1963 newsletter of Paradise Palms.

This is how people networked back in 1963. Today, they’d just have a facebook fan page. Oh, they do! New fans welcome. New content welcome as well.

Of course, if it’s a real scoop, as these newsletters are, you should give it to me to publish first! 

Newlsetter May 63 vol 2 num 5 Page 10004

The Welcome Mat introduces us to saxaphone legend Vido Musso, and lots of grass and a pine cone lamp.

We also meet The vice president of the Flamingo, a pair of pedal-pushers, and 2 pairs of flood pants.

Newlsetter May 63 vol 2 num 5 Page 10003An Impala and a ?

Any of these names recognizable?


Newlsetter May 63 vol 2 num 5 page 40001

Another plug for Vido Musso

Babette DeCastro of the DeCastro sisters.

Frances Faye 

Jack Nicklaus – you know who he is, so I didn’t link it.

I’m hoping someone will uncover more of these newsletters.