It’s Hard To Type When You Are Handcuffed

Mary Joy handcuffed me. Then she tied me to the chair in front of the keyboard and said “TYPE!!!!”

I’m only just barely kidding, since I asked her to do that last Sunday as joke. I can’t explain why I missed 3 whole weeks of blogging, and with a minor exception, it’s actually more than a month. There’s a ton of excuses, but no good reason for not blogging regularly except – maybe burnout. It’s been over 3 years of blogging daily at VeryVintageVegas, and quite frankly, I’d become brain-dead.

During my “vacation” an important (to me) anniversary date came and went without comment or mention. April 1st was my 20th anniversary of being a Realtor, Back then, you spent a month in school, then waited a month or so for the next monthly exam date, then a couple of weeks till you found out if you passed or not. Then you’d apply for the real estate license and wait till it came in the mail. It arrived on April Fools Day, which probably set the tone for the next 20 years.

It’s been a VERY interesting 20 years! But I’m still here, and still helping people buy or sell real estate. If you or someone you know needs to talk real estate, don’t hesitate to call or email me. Referrals are STILL always welcome.

There’s plenty of stuff I should have reported or told you about, but here’s 3 that deserve mentioning:

Helldorado Parade!

This year, I’ll be with the Flamingo Club on it’s first ever Heldorado Float. It’s going to be way at the end of the line, so stick around till the end to wave at us. The Parade is Saturday, May 15 at 7pm. The parade route is 4th Street between Charleston and Fremont Street. Fireworks at Fremont Street Experience start at 9 pm, and the 3rd night of the rodeo also starts at 9pm.

Helldorado is a 4 day event in Downtown Las Vegas. It’s been a Las Vegas tradition since 1935. The complete schedule and all the details are on the Elks Club’s Website

Helldorado Days this May 13-16, is an outdoor community event celebrating Las Vegas’s tribute to the wild west and produced by the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks Lodge No.1468. Helldorado Days which began in 1935, is the longest running civic event in the history of Las Vegas, originally created as a means to encourage tourism to the city upon completion of the Boulder Dam. With over 40,000 people in attendance, Helldorado Days offers a 4 day pro rodeo, a parade, carnival, treasure hunt for gold, whiskerino contest, golf tournament, poker tournament, art show and auction, trail ride, exhibits and food. For 4 days Downtown Las Vegas is transformed into Helldorado Days as the event takes over several vacant downtown blocks and builds a rodeo arena and carnival from the ground up. Helldorado Days is a non-profit community event. The members of Elks Lodge No. 1468 are committed to assisting children and veterans in need and have given back over $75,000 in 2009 and over $4 million to the community since 1935. Las Vegas Helldorado Days, May 13-16, 2010. Downtown Las Vegas 2 blocks from the Fremont Street Experience. For tickets and information visit or call 702-870-1221

First Year-To-Year Increase In Home Prices Since 2007

Is it significant that prices rose .2 percent over April of 2009? Time will tell. Can it be explained by the Tax Credit, which expired at the end of April? By the shortage of Inventory? All good questions that Hubble Smith reports on in Monday’s Review Journal.

105 Years Old And Still Going…..

I’d like to recommend an excellent essay by my dear friend Brian Paco Alvarez. It celebrates the 105th Anniversary of Las Vegas, but more importantly – it discusses the opportunities that lie ahead for Las Vegas, and how we can learn from our past.

Whether our staying in Las Vegas was a choice or not, this is a perfect time to see where Las Vegas came from and where we can take it. Las Vegas is a city that developed out of necessity whether it was to supply the trains with water or to create a place that people can visit. Now that we are well aware of our communities vulnerabilities we must look to our past and reflect at how our community reset itself during challenging times. The time is now to use our ingenuity and reshape our community for its future and this can only happen if you are willing to embrace it.

You can read the entire essay at EnculturateLasVegas – The daily blog of all things cultural in Las Vegas.