“Desparate Landscapes” Is Coming Back To Las Vegas

They’ve asked me to help them find some properties for their November shoot in Las Vegas. Last year several owners in Vintage Vegas applied, but, none of them were selected. I’m hoping this year we can be one or two of the chosen.


I got this Email form Lauren, the producer of Desparate Landscapes. There’s a link to the application below.



  My name is Lauren Senvisky. I’m a producer for DIY, the Do-It-Yourself Network. I work on a show called Desperate Landscapes in which we help homeowners fix up their front yards to be on par with others in the neighborhood.
  Our crew is headed back to Las Vegas in November. We’re looking for fun homeowners to help pump up their curb appeal. Ideally, we’d like to get a couple of homeowners with jobs that scream “Vegas”. That’s why I’m writing to you. I was hoping you could share this e-mail with other members of your group. I know you helped us last year when we were there.
  Can you spread the word among your contacts? There is no cost to the homeowners. We bring the plants, the paint, the supplies and even the food needed to get the job done in one day. The homeowners chosen need to provide some personality. sweat equity and neighbors willing to go on TV to complain about the ugly front yard.
  We have applications online at www.jaytv.net. Click on Put Me on TV.
  You can watch episodes online to see what we’re capable of doing in an 8-hour day. They’re available at: http://www.diynetwork.com/desperate-landscapes/show/index.html



Here’s a link to one of the episodes that was done here in Vegas for the last season. This one was off Edna Road and Westwind.


They also did one at Penn Jillette’s home in the far southwest. There’s still pictures of the before and after, but I couldn’t find the link to the full episode.