Mapping the Vintage Homes and Mid Century Modern Neighborhoods Of Las Vegas

Last week I was in Austin Texas for a few days. It was the Keller Williams Realty “Mega-Agent” Camp. Two intense days of the newest ideas, technologies, applications, and methods to better serve our clients. Much of the techie geeky stuff was way over my head, but I did learn a lot, and am intent on implementing what I did get. No One could ever put all of it into practice, so I’m just going to do the things that make sense.

Searching the MLS for Vintage and Mid Century Modern Homes and Neighborhoods in Las VegasOne of the things that I learned is that I could upgrade the MLS SEARCH feature that we use for our clients. I had previously picked the “IDX” from Wolfnet because you could search by subdivision name. For example in the top navigation bar you can choose “subdivision” and type in McNeil or Paradise Palms or Rancho Nevada. Those are big subdivisions with well known names. The “Downtown Area” on the other hand, is made up of dozens of smaller subdivisions and neighborhoods. Some of the custom home pockets don’t have a subdivision name at all. We needed a better way, so I’ve upgraded the system.






Mid Century Modern Homes In The Retro Neighborhoods of Las Vegas NevadaNOW, you can also do a “MAP SEARCH” to better isolate the Vintage Homes and Mid Century Modern Neighborhoods of Las Vegas. I set it up to automatically center on the middle of the Downtown Area. The maps are built using MapQuest, and function as they would if you were directly on MapQuest, in terms of panning, zooming etc.







How to find the right Retro home or classic las Vegas NeighborhoodYou can further refine the search under the map, just as you used to be able to.

Using the map search is a quick and easy way to find out about the house down the street that just got listed. 

My experience is that most buyers spend a month or a few looking at properties online before they ever contact an agent. You can save the searches if you like, or start over each time.




Vintage Mid Century Modern Neighborhoods In Las VegasIf you click and hold on the map, you can draw a box, which will automatically zoom in on the box you’ve drawn.







Palm Springs Style Houses Are Scattered Throughout Vintage Las VegasOnce you have the search result properties that you want, showing on the map, you can scroll over each little property icon to see the first picture and basic information.

Clicking anywhere in the highlighted property will take you to all the pictures and the full listing.





Downtown Las Vegas Is Full Of Mid Century Modern Homes and NeighborhoodsWhen you’re looking at an individual property listing, you can click on “MAP IT”.







Vintage Vegas has lots of parks shopping and ethnic mom and pop restaurantsSince the maps are tied directly into MapQuest, you can then see what’s going on in the surroundings, find the schools, shopping, churches, parks and whatever.




I hope you’ll like this new mapping feature. Feel free to use it whenever you like, and for whatever purpose it’s useful to you.

ALL THE GRAPHICS ARE CLICKABLE THUMBNAILS if you want to see them in an expanded version.

Of course, if you’ve found a home you’re interested in, or want to talk about the property you’re thinking of selling –

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