Helen Stewart – The First Lady Of Las Vegas

We haven’t done much about Las Vegas History lately. We’ll have to do more of it, since I’m now the newest commissioner on the City of Las Vegas Historic Preservation Commission. Most of the work regarding Helen Stewart and the Old Morman Fort has already been dealt with by the Commission. I’ll update you on the projects we’re working on as I get up to speed. I guess I should have made an official announcement about having been appointed. I’ll just pretend I’m a politician and announce that I’m going to announce it.

In case you missed this episode of Tom Hawley’s Video Bank on August 11, you’ll want to see it. It’s tells the story of Helen Stewart. Her ranch which encompassed 1800 acres was centered on what is now the Historic Old Las Vegas Morman Fort State Park on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Washington.

Most of the 1800 acres eventually became the original City of Las Vegas when it was sold to the railroad. There’s plenty more on Helen Stewart in the RJ’s excellent series on the “First 100” of those who shaped Las Vegas.

The new statue of Helen is scheduled for unveiling on December 3rd.