Breaking News – Rick’s Restoration Now Open In the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District

First – on a personal note:

I’ll be appearing on the TV show “American Restoration” on FRIDAY, AUGUST 26 at 9pm. It’s on the History Channel – 43.

Vintage Kelvinator on sale at Rick's Restoration in Downtown Las VegasIn February, I had put out a call on this blog to help Rick and his team find stuff to restore for the TV show. I offered them up what had been a piece of yard art at my house. They accepted it, but I’m forbidden to reveal anything about what they restored for me, or anything about the filming of the episode. You’ll just have to watch to see.

It’s one thing to make regular tv appearance on local news shows, or at a City Council meeting, but his is a big time national cable broadcast. I’m dying to find out if I come across as nervous as I really was.  

They’re gearing up to start filming a new series, and you can still submit items to be restored.


And now…Let’s Welcome Rick’s Restoration as the newest addition to the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District!

While I was at their old “secret” location – they told me that they would be moving the entire operation to Downtown Las Vegas. I was sworn to secrecy, but the new location is now open, and I took the tour today with Tyler.

ShowroomThey’re now on Commerce Ave, 2 driveways south of Charleston. They’re open 9–5 Monday thru Friday and you can just walk in and take a tour, visit the show room, gift shop and see watch all the restoration work taking place thru huge picture windows into each workspace. 







Rick's Restoration in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts DistrictTours are given whenever you walk in during regular business hours. I’m encouraging them to be open for First Friday.

Rick’s Restoration Showroom and Shop is the newest reason to visit the Art’s District. I think having tourists lining up will help drive a lot of weekday traffic into the Arts District.

Welcome, Rick, as well as all of your crew – to Downtown Las Vegas and The Arts District.