Happy Thanksgiving

HTI wanted to share a small message of thanks to all of you who have managed your way through this most challenging year and supported me through mine.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays.  There is no division due to religion, it is not for one single group, and there are no conflicts.  Thanksgiving is for all of us.  All you need is to be thankful.  And there is so much to be thankful for, although it may not be so easy to see at times.

We sometimes stay focused on the things that are wrong or that need improvement…and yes, things can always be better.  And that view is needed at times, so we can constantly improve.  But we also need to take a breath, a step back, and count all of our blessings.  It’s not just the things we have; it’s also the problems, issues, or heartaches we don’t have…because things could be a lot worse.

I appreciate your friendship and loyalty, and I am truly thankful.