Throw Back Thursday – Marycrest Is One Of Las Vegas’ Most Desirable Downtown Neighborhoods

Throw Back Thursday –  SEPTEMBER 14, 2007

Marycrest Is One Of Las Vegas’ Most Desirable Downtown Neighborhoods

Marycrest Estates has been home to some of the most recognizable family names in Las Vegas. Liberace, Marnell, Foley, Tiburti, Greenspun and many others have made Marycrest their homes. Some still live there.

Marycrest is one of the nicest pocket neighborhoods, featuring all custom built one of a kind homes on lots ranging from 7000 to 16000 sf. 

Marycrest encompasses a square bounded by Oakey on the North, 15th Street on the east, Maryland Parkway on the west and St. Louis on the South. The “Liberace” condos on St Louis are technically called Marycrest Manor, but are generally considered part of the neighborhood. The old Gorman High Campus (now Eldorado Preparatory Academy) is also part of the neighborhood.
The homes themselves, being custom, range from a very small house on Oakey at less than 1000 sf all the way to the biggest which is almost 4600.
A quick driving tour of 15th street, 14th Street (and the cul-de-sacs which run off of 14th) as well as Bonita is a true trip back in time.

If you’d like to see what I aspire to have all of Very Vintage Vegas eventually look like, take a walk or drive thru Marycrest.

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