Las Vegas High School repainted with the original rust color from when it was built in 1929I turned the corner last evening and almost wrecked the car.

The original Historic Las Vegas High School has been re-painted to match it’s original 1930’s color scheme! Even I don’t drive around downtown often enough, I guess.

I’d been watching the prep work all summer, but didn’t know that it would be returned to it’s original rust color. It’s simply stunning, and all the art deco motifs and carvings really pop.




The Art Deco Las Vegas High School is now called the Las Vegas AcademyIt looks like there’s still a few finishing touches left to do, but it’s well worth taking a drive to see one of the few Art Deco buildings in Las Vegas. It’s a registered landmark since 1986 in the National Register Of Historic Places as well as for the state and the city.

The campus is now called the Las Vegas Academy Of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts. It’s one of the premier magnet High Schools in the nation.




The original Las Vegas High Schoo, which is now known as the Las Vegas Acadamy before the re-painting to original rust colorI found this “before” picture on the about page of the Las Vegas Academy website just so you can see the difference the original colors make.






One of the 3 medallions on the origianal Historic Las Vegas High SchoolThe High School itself acts as the cornerstone of the aptly named Las Vegas High School Historic District which was added to the National Register in 1991. All of the places in Clark County that are on the register can be found on the National Register Of Historic Places website.