Property Tax Alert! Clark County, Nevada

Many Local homeowners are being hit with a higher property tax, and it turns out many of you don’t even know it.  Many people did not return their property tax postcard and Clark County increased your property tax increase from 3% to 4.8%.  We have checked some of our clients tax rates and have found they are paying the higher 4.8% rate.

If you live in the property your rate should be 3%.  Please take a moment and check your current rate.  CLICK HERE TO CHECK YOUR PROPERTY.

Look at the box that We have highlighted in Yellow in this graphic. It should be 3.00%  If it is 4.8 you need to call The Assessor’s Office,  Monday thorough Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 702-455-3882 or 702-455-4997 and request that they send you the postcard to change it to the correct 3% cap rate.