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The Bank Owned Foreclosure Auction Game And How It’s Played – Part 2

Yesterday, I introduced the fact that there’s going to be 2 big auctions coming up of bank owned foreclosure homes. Most likely, there will be more of them further out. If you’ve dreamed of scoring […]

Real Estate Auction Previews This Weekend – A Great Opportunity To Buy Bank Owned Foreclosures

I’ve got a busy weekend of viewing homes that will be in the upcoming foreclosure auctions. I’ve seen some of them already. Some are absolute dumps, and only for the hard core home restoration folks, […]

Last Week Was Quite Busy In Vintage Vegas

There’s certainly been a shortage of posts this week, at least by our usual standards. I was one of the volunteer co-ordinators for the Victory Funds “National Leadership Conference and Candidate Training. The Victory Fund […]

Auction Prices Were Ridiculously Low – 800 Bidders Grabbed Amazing Bargains

  I spent about 3 hours yesterday at the H and M auction. Most of the time was spent with my jaw on the ground at how low the prices were on the final bids. […]

Another Auction On Bank Owned Foreclosure Properties In Las Vegas

And once again, there’s very few of the 300 properties in “Vintage Vegas”. As I’ve said repeatedly, the foreclosure problem was primarily a suburban problem. But there are a several that I’ll be paying close […]